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Donor List

Berger Health Foundation Generous Supporters for March 2015:

*Please note that all donors are listed in alphabetical order by last name/business name.  All donors who contribute to the Foundation, Berger Hospice, Bradley Cancer Center, Circle of Caring or any other program or fund under the Foundation umbrella, are listed together as a group. If you have a specific question about a particular listing, please contact the Foundation office at 740.420.8209.

Paul Ackerman Mandy Givens JoAnn Penwell
April Adams Lisa Gloyd Melanie Perkins-Graham
Beth Adams Anna M. Goodbar Annette F. Perry
John K. Adams Goodwin's Family Restaurant Bonnie Perry
Wanda Adams Amy Gregg Amy Peters
Gail Addington Angie Guiler Dan and Kathy Phillips
Jamie L. Adkins Lawrence J. and Lisa Halm Maria Phillips
Nicole Adkins Lorene M. and Mark J. Hamann Tina Pierce
American Renal Management, LLC Dianne M. Hartley Delbert and Arlene Poling
Anonymous Berger Health Foundation Valerie L. Haslar Barbara B. and Steven M. Poole
Anonymous Berger Hospice Judy Haubeil Linda Poole
Joy Atwood Velma Hay Stephen Powell
James Ault Faith Hays Carey Putnam
Paul W. and Jo Ann Azbell Betty M. Heath Amy Ragland
Pauline Baldwin Sheri Hedden Carla J. Reichelderfer
Paul Eugene and Karen S. Ballou Gary H. and Sue Helser Carol S. Reichelderfer
Paul D. and Susan K. Barnes Susanne Hess Elayna Richard
Thomas K. and Karla K. Barnes Lesley B. Hix Nanette Richardson
Lisa Bates Catherine A. and Michael P. Hoffman Gayla Rickey
Cynthia Baum Pamela D. Hoffmann Jennifer Rising
Tiffany Bauman Miracle Holsinger Riverside Radiology & Interventional Associates
Virginia Bauman Tracy Huffman Lesle Rodgers
John M. and Shirley Bell Darcy Hughes Albert J. and Jewell Roese
Berger Hospital Gift Shop Patricia A. and Floyd A. Hughey Jody C. Roese
James M. Bishop Valerie S. Hugus Madeline L. Sanders
Judy Blair Barbara A. Hull Farooq Sattar, M.D.
Jennifer Blue Georgie Hunter Donna Schaffer
Kristy Blum Gladys K. and Jesse W. Hurt Abigail Scherer
Stephanie Bode Thomas L. and Julie E. Imler Robert D. and Margaret J. Scherer
Bogden Architects, Inc. Mary Johnson Mark and Rebecca Schillig
Carla Boggs-Mitchell Glen M. Jones Carrie Schneider
Hillairy Boltenhouse S. Monica Justinger Keith Scott
Circleville Athletic Boosters Kathy L. Kanitz Kevin Sellers
Katherine Bouillion Katrina Kelly Nicole L. Shaffer
Cindy Bowdish Simona Kendrick Gary Sharpe
Mid Bowdle Robert B. and Betty L. Kenworthy Dennis V. and Deborah Shaw
Dale E. and JoAnn S. Bower Brian Kinzer Shaw, Ely & Dubos, D.D.S., Inc.
Marilyn Bowers Knights of Columbus Father John S. Hannan Council 5297 Amanda Shirey
Amy Brigham Stefanie Knisley Brenda Short
Jacqueline G. Brown Belinda Knotts Brent A. Short
Sheila R. Brown Kroger Community Rewards George H. and Tina A. Simpkins
Martha J. and Rex D. Buller Wendy Krogh Jean J. Siriano
Melissa J. Buller Janet Lamb Janet Smith
Debra Burgess Jamie Law Robyn Smith
Angela Butynski Jennifer Leach Tabitha N. Smith
Michele Callahan Carl G. and Margaret L. Leasure Tina Smith
Jodi Carder Joy D. Leverich Robert B. and Jennifer Sneed
Sara Carle Nicole K. Lewis Rob Snow
Paula Cercek Lindsey Lightle (Barrows) Bill Spiller
Chancel Players Penny and Wayne Linthicum Jennifer Spiller
Andrew J. and Dana M. Chileski Machelle List Debra L. Starner
Churches of Christ in Christian Union Anetta Lockwood Janice Stewart
Circleville/Ashville Apothecary Logan Elm Local School District B.O.E. John Stover
Mona Cline Rita Long Roy A. and Anne L. Strawser
Cogent HMG Kara Maddux Susan Strawser
Tim A. and Amy L. Colburn Kimberly A. Malcolm Patricia Strous
Linda M. Coleman Christine Malone Madison Swackhammer
Community Foundations, Inc. Melinda J. Manyer Cheryl Thompson
Greg Counts Cathy Marck John A. Boyce Trust
Ashton Cox Scott Marguglio Mary Ellen Tully
Carl Cozad Lori Martin United Way of Pickaway County, Inc.
Ciara Cremeans Jamie Lee Mason Rachel VanFossen
Sheryl Davis Richard and Harriett E. McClish Cathy A. VanHorn
Christine Day Stephanie McConnell Tracy VanHorn
Mary Jane and Gary J. Dean Linda L. McFarland Jon M. and Robin Veith
Robyn L. Dean Jack W. McGuire Anne E. Wade
Helen N. Diltz Peggy McHale Colleen Wallace
Pam Doersam Jill McQuiniff Teracia Welch
Rosalind Drum Neysea Meadows Wellman Funeral Homes, Inc.
David Dungan Frank L. and Lisa H. Merrill Jill Welsh
Lawrence E. and Wendy C. Elliott Phillip R. Millhouse Anna E. Whaley
Matthew T. and Nicole L. Esker Michelle Minor Marianne Wiles
Richard Filler Sarah Moore Mary C. Wilhelm
Deirdre Fisher Danielle M. Morrison Robert and Frieda A. Willis
Melissa Flannery James A. and Damaris R. Mosley Sandy and Gary L. Wisecup
Ben and Peggy L. Fraley David Moss Carolyn Wright
Courtney Frederick Lori A. Moss Fran Wright
Timothy F. and Sally J. Galecki Dennis J. and Sandra S. Mulloy Doris Yamarick
Kristin D. Gardner Lila Myers Carolyn Yost
Weltha L. Garrett Loren Myers Karen S. Young
LaNita Gibbs Tracy Osborn Barbara D. Younkin
Maranda Gilbert Allison Patrick Andrew Zimmerman
Doris C. Gillespie Jessica Patton Daylene Zwayer
Kimberly A. Gillman Gary and Raffaella Pazak Marilyn R. Zwayer